Hull Bridges – a poem – A historic event.

It has been a couple years since having posted a literary genre dealing with bridges but this one came into visier most recently that was worth reblogging. And while it is in connection with the bridges of Hull, the poem can be applied to bridges in other cities and regions whose history of connecting two places are well-known- be it in Berlin, between Copenhagen and Sweden, the Golden Gate, Verrazano Narrows and Mackinac Bridges, you name it. This poem’s for you. Enjoy! 🙂

Opher's World

Hull Bridges

Hull bridges raise their hands to the sky

East and West torn apart

But the twain shall meet again.

For Hull bridges have no feet of stone

Rather limbs that reach.

No city in the world is so apart

And so together.

Apart – together – again and again.

To release those that pass beneath

They raise their arms in joy.

Hull – the unique city on the river

Where every bridge does move

More like living beasts,

Like the leaves of a book,

Like arms that embrace,

They move;

They lift;

They raise;

They allow passage, commerce and fun.

To release those that pass above

They cross their arms,

They join in a handshake that links

Two communities,

Two sides,

Two banks,

Like no other.

Yet for one short time

They will all raise together

And the city is split,

Like no other in the world.


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