Saving the Bockau Arch Bridge Day 8: Update and Marketing Ideas

Reminder: You have one week to vote on which bridges along the Zwickau Mulde should go on the T-shirt. I need 10-12. The voting will end at 11:59pm Chicago time on 15 September; 12:00pm Berlin time on September 16th. The bridge candidates will be announced afterwards! The article, links to the ballot and pics are enclosed here. Good luck! (y)

D: Zur Errinnerung: Sie haben bis 12.00 am 16. September Ihre Lieblingsbrücke über den Fluss Zwickau Mulde für das T-shirt zu wählen. Ich brauche 10-12 dafür. Die Fotos und Wahlzettle befindet sich hier. Viel Glück! (y)

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles


It has been a few weeks since my last posting about the Bockau Arch Bridge and the fight against time and the elements to save the 150-year old structure. But as you can see here as well as on the Facebook page (click here), progress is being made in leaps and bounds to have the new structure, built on alignment, ready to go by next year. Already the piers and the concrete decking are in place, and a barrier is in place, permanently blocking access to the old bridge on the north end. Many have written off the old Bridge, however…..

….it’s not over yet. The decision regarding whether the state government will accept our petition and decision to allow for time to claim ownership of the structure before it is demolished in mid-2019 is still out. We’re looking at 4-6 weeks before Dresden decides.  Another petition going one level up…

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BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 17


Every photographer has a place to use for target practice, experimenting with light and vantage points, and sometimes doctoring them up to make them appear unique. In my case, Glauchau (Saxony), Germany seems to be my place to do such things. Daytime and night, there is a charm of a quiet town, combined with lighting and landscapes that makes it a very attractive place to take some shots.  This includes many of the city’s dozen (historic) bridges, half of which do NOT span the city’s river, the Zwickau Mulde.

The Scherberg Bridge is one of them. The bridge crosses Talstrasse, which recently underwent major reconstruction. In an earlier pic in Instagram (and can be seen in the city’s bridge tour guide), the street was torn up due to the installment of pipelines. When this was taken, instead of yellow sodium lighting, there was LED. And instead of cobblestone, it was pavement. Therefore, instead of dark blue, I tried grey. And here is the result……

And you wonder why I love experimenting in Glauchau. 😉  You can find more in my Instagram page here. Enjoy and have a great weekend! 🙂