A steel suspension bridge for cycling in Tilburg


To give people the opportunity to cycle to their work place much easier, the city of Tilburg built a beautiful steel suspension bridge for cycling and walking only. Located to the North-West of a relatively new residential area of Tilburg, called Reeshof, the bridge spans the Wilhelmina Canal. Its main purpose is to give people cycling to the industrial area Vossenberg a short cut. In second place the bridge is also part of the recreational cycle network and last but not least it serves as a new main cycle route from Tilburg to the village of Dongen. It is expected that on average about 4,000 people will be using the bridge daily.

The entire project started early 2012, but building started in April 2013. The bridge was opened in September that same year. With all the connecting cycle ways it cost 2.05 million euros.

bridge at night The bridge is beautifully…

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