BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 15


While in Niagara Falls on the Ontario side, we have this bridge- The Kingston Arch Bridge, spanning the Niagara River at Interstate 190 and Ontario Provincial Route 405 at the US/ Canada border. This is the newest of the four steel ribbed arch bridges, having been built more than 55 years ago. This bridge still accommodates a lot of traffic crossing the border, yet one can pull off to get a picture before entering the expressway. This one is about to get an accolade from the city chamber of commerce who wishes to use this pic as a promotional campaign.

Let’s see what they will come up with. 😉



Gone But Not Lost: The Bridges of Florence during World War II

Gone But Not Lost: The Bridges of Florence during World War II

Prayers and Piazzas

By late July of 1944, Allied forces were very close to liberating Florence from the Nazis, who had occupied the city for the past year.

“The Allied forces are advancing on Florence,” warned thousands of leaflets dropped by American planes. “The city’s liberation is at hand. Citizens of Florence, you must unite to preserve your city and to defeat our common enemies… Prevent the enemy from detonating mines which they may have placed under bridges…” ¹

But different directives were coming from the German high command to the citizens of Florence. On July 29, 1944, residents along the Arno — around 150,000 people — were warned to leave their homes by noon the next day. Ultimately, the whole area was blocked off, with German paratroops standing guard at various posts.

On August 3, another warning was issued from the German high command: Beginning from this moment, it is prohibited for…

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New cycle bridge at Nigtevecht

New cycle bridge at Nigtevecht


A brand-new cycle bridge over the Amsterdam Rhine Canal, between the villages of Nigtevecht and Abcoude can be used since early August. Since I was in Australia at the time, I wasn’t able to visit it sooner, but the afternoon of the day I returned (at 6:30 in the morning) I used the bridge on my own bicycle and filmed it for this post.

The as yet unnamed new cycle bridge over the Amsterdam-Rhine-Canal near Nigtevecht.

Ever since the Amsterdam Rhine Canal was built in the 1880s, the village of Nigtevecht in the north of the province of Utrecht became very cut off from its surroundings, since it was already at the river Vecht as well. Initially that was solved by a ferry that was adapted with every widening of the canal. However, after it was widened again in 1968 the ferry was abolished. That was the time it was…

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Springfield-Des Arc Bridge rises again in Conway park

The bridge said to be Arkansas’ oldest surviving span has found a fresh home on the northern edge of Conway. That’s a happy contrast to the much publicized fate of the old U.S. 79 White River bridge at Clarendon, which appears doomed to demolition.

Source: Springfield-Des Arc Bridge rises again in Conway park

BHC Photo of the Week Nr. 14


This Bridge Photo of the Week keeps us at Niagara Falls but takes us north to the Whirlpool Rapids Bridges. They span the Niagara River south of the Rapids at the US/ Canada border. They are both deck arches with Pratt truss features. Yet the question is, ignoring the photo taken in black and white, which one is older, and which one is still open to traffic?

Before going further, I’ll let you debate over this. The answer will come when the tour guide on the bridges of the Niagara Falls comes out before the end of the year. 🙂



20 Killed, 13 Injured In Genoa Bridge Collapse

20 Killed, 13 Injured In Genoa Bridge Collapse

The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles and the Flensburg Files would like to offer condolences to the victims and their familes after the Morandi Bridge in Genoa partially collapsed on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 during a violent storm. Death tolls up until the time of this posting are estimated to be at 35-40. Built in 1968, the Morandi Bridge, named after the world-famous engineer Riccardo Morandi, is characterized by its concrete cable-stayed Suspension Bridge design with A-shaped towers and V-shaped piers. Morandi built as many as 20 of These gigantic structures between 1953 and 1975, many of which carried motorway traffic. There are some speculationj as to how the Bridge collapsed, however the Main News has an indepth coverage about this tragedy and how Italy is responding to this. Photos of the Bridge collapse can be found here:

Main News Blog

MILAN — A bridge on a main highway lGenoainking Italy with France collapsed Tuesday in the Italian port city of Genoa during a violent storm, sending vehicles plunging 45 metres (nearly 150 feet) into a heap of rubble. Authorities said at least 20 people were killed, although the death toll fluctuated throughout the day and some people were found alive in the debris.

A huge section of the Morandi Bridge fell at midday over an industrial zone, sending tons of twisted steel and concrete onto warehouses below. Photos from the Italian news agency ANSA showed a massive gap between two sections of the bridge.

The head of Italy’s civil protection agency, Angelo Borrelli, said 30-35 cars and three heavy trucks were on the 80-metre (260-foot) section of the bridge that collapsed.

Hundreds of firefighters and emergency officials were searching for survivors in the rubble with heavy equipment. Firefighters said at…

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