The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles and the Flensburg Files would like to offer condolences to the victims and their familes after the Morandi Bridge in Genoa partially collapsed on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 during a violent storm. Death tolls up until the time of this posting are estimated to be at 35-40. Built in 1968, the Morandi Bridge, named after the world-famous engineer Riccardo Morandi, is characterized by its concrete cable-stayed Suspension Bridge design with A-shaped towers and V-shaped piers. Morandi built as many as 20 of These gigantic structures between 1953 and 1975, many of which carried motorway traffic. There are some speculationj as to how the Bridge collapsed, however the Main News has an indepth coverage about this tragedy and how Italy is responding to this. Photos of the Bridge collapse can be found here:

Main News Blog

MILAN — A bridge on a main highway lGenoainking Italy with France collapsed Tuesday in the Italian port city of Genoa during a violent storm, sending vehicles plunging 45 metres (nearly 150 feet) into a heap of rubble. Authorities said at least 20 people were killed, although the death toll fluctuated throughout the day and some people were found alive in the debris.

A huge section of the Morandi Bridge fell at midday over an industrial zone, sending tons of twisted steel and concrete onto warehouses below. Photos from the Italian news agency ANSA showed a massive gap between two sections of the bridge.

The head of Italy’s civil protection agency, Angelo Borrelli, said 30-35 cars and three heavy trucks were on the 80-metre (260-foot) section of the bridge that collapsed.

Hundreds of firefighters and emergency officials were searching for survivors in the rubble with heavy equipment. Firefighters said at…

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