BHC Pics of the Week 12

Moin moin! Servus! Guten Tag! Hallo! Hi! And Cheerio everyone! 🙂

After a long but much-deserved vacation, I’m back at my desk where I’m about to start penning some loving odes to historic bridges as well as other adventures I encountered with my family during our road trip through all five of the Great Lakes in the United States and Canada. In the coming weeks, some articles will appear about the bridges along the route that started in Pittsburgh, went through Niagara Falls, then onto Michigan and then terminating in Minnesota, a span of over 1300 miles by car. This will include some tour guides and an interesting boat tour, tied in with a civil engineering conference.

To give you an idea of what you will get from this road trip: A set of pictures of the Mackinac Bridge, the crossroads between land and water. Built in 1957, it spans the strait that connects two of the five lakes, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsula. It is the third longest suspension bridge in the US, behind the Golden Gate and Verrazano Narrows Bridges but is the best known work by David Steinman, who had previously tried to make his name with the Golden Gate but was outdone by Joseph Strauss. The bridge is the most popular attraction of all the bridges in Michigan, with over a dozen books written about it- more than any on a city’s bridges, like Chicago, Pittsburgh and Hamburg (Germany)- a poem was written by the same engineer, and signs leading to the bridge along I-75 and US Hwy. 2 extend for over 150 miles in one direction.

But what is unique about the Big Mack is the many possible ways to photograph it. No matter from which side of the peninsula or even the lake, one cannot go wrong with photographing it, even by ship as I got all but one of the six shots of it. The last one was from the side of Mackinaw City. A big splash for you to enjoy as the Chronicles gets underway after a long absence. Here you go and enjoy! 🙂

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