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Located 4 km up north Tarragona, Devil’s Bridge (Pont del Diable in Spanish or Aqüeducte de les Ferreres in Catalan) is part of the UNESCO Archaeological Ensemble of Tárraco.

Dated probably from the reign of Augustus (27 BC–14 AD), the bridge was part of a Roman aqueduct. It transported fresh water from the Francoli river to Tarragona.

Puente del Diablo 1

Fun facts:

  • The aqueduct consists of 2 levels of arches, 25 on top and 11 at the bottom.
  • All arches measure 20 Roman feet (7,95 m).
  • Pont del Diable is max 27 m high and 249 m long. Originally it was 25 km long because it used as water supply from Francoli river which is situated 14 km from Tarragona.
  • It was in use, transporting water to Tarragona until the 18th century.
  • Pont del Diablo is one of well-preserved aqueducts in Spain after that one in Segovia.
  • This aqueduct is visible from…

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