Historias de Arquitectura

Enjoy of the creativity and the imagination of the human with the most spectacular drawbridges on the old continent.

001 20120823C Thousand Islands 016

Hi, in the effort to find an island to build my future (and unique) building, I called my best friend from North America (how are Ray?), and, between the two, we toured by the territory between Canada and United States, where lies the area known as the thousand Islands (to be exact are 1864). There we discovered two Islands joined by the smaller international bridge in the world, it’s two small surfaces that, in theory, separate (nothing more and nothing less than) Canada and United States.

I say in theory because I, Rodolfo, illustrious legacy of a breed of adventurers, polyglot and famous philanthropists, I told them of a smaller international bridge which unite Spain and Portugal in the municipality of La Codosera, it has three meters and twenty centimeters…

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