Mystery Bridge Nr. 98: A small mill bridge spanning two waterways


The 98th Mystery Bridge takes us back to the state of Saxony and the Vogtland Region. Not far from the village of Mylau is a very unusual stone arch bridge, which spans the River Goltzsch approximately one kilometer north of the Motorway A 72. The bridge is unusual for two reasons. Number one is a curve of the roadway of up to 120 degrees. That means when crossing the bridge going south, the road turns almost a sharp right. The arches form a skew in which the larger of the two has a 30° parallel skew, where as the smaller arch forms a funnel-like skew where one side is larger than the smaller. While the total length of the bridge is no more than 30 meters (the width is only two meters), the second unusual feature of the bridge is that it crosses two different waterways. The larger arch crosses the river, whereas the smaller arch crosses a canal which also crosses the river, running parallel to the larger arch span.


The canal has long since been unused, and nature has taken over with small trees and bushes are growing directly in the canal bed. As one can see in the pictures above, the canal seems to be much newer than the stone arch span. The stone arch bridge dates back to the early 1800s when a water mill, known as Schottenmühle existed. The mill was used to harness energy and provide water to residents downstream, namely in Mylau and Netschkau. Records point to the first mill being built in the 1500s, yet the mill next to the bridge is the replica of the one built in trhe 1850s, but was abandoned by 1895 and was burned to the ground 6 April, 1896. The building was never rebuilt until almost a century later and is now a museum.  That was all that was found regarding the mill and with it the bridge.


But what else do we know about this bridge and the mill? When was the bridge built, let alone the canal? If you have that information, feel free to comment or contact the Chronicles and add your thoughts on it. The structure is part of the bike trail running along the River Goltzsch, connecting Greiz with Eger in the Czech Republic and includes the world famous Goltzschtal Viaduct so accessing it is easy. Finding out more on the history of this mill and bridge is the other half of the battle yet to be won.

So good luck! 🙂