Hadrians Brücke

Despite changes in landscapes with modern buildings and bridges, there are still some relicts from the past that existent and still in use. This applies to artefacts from the Roman Empire in many areas of Europe. It is not surprising to find a bridge that dates back to that particular time in cities in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Even some Roman Empire bridges still exist in the countryside and are in use to this day, like this bridge at Alcantara in Spain. While almost all Roman bridges were built of stone arch design, this one is the only one known to have tower above the deck. They may have been prerequisite to the suspension bridge that was invented in the mid-1800s and further innovated by the likes of Roebling, Steinmann, Strauss and Ammann, just to name a few. A brief summary and photo provides an overview of this unique bridge.

Die Goldene Landschaft

The Roman bridge at Alcántara in Extremadura, Spain, is one of the finest examples of Roman bridge-building and a monumental feat of engineering. It was built over the Tagus River in the ancient Roman province of Lusitania between 104 and 106 AD and was dedicated to the Roman emperor Trajan on behalf of the local indigenous populations. […]

über Alcántara Bridge — following hadrian photography

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