BHC Pic of the Week 2

This pic was taken as the cyclist was crossing the Zellstoff Bridge, spanning the Zwickau Mulde River north of the city of Zwickau in the German state of Saxony. This bridge used to be a railroad crossing taking the line to one of the mines nearby. Following its shutdown during the Reunification process, the bridge sat abandoned and it was only when the threat of removal was imminent in 2007 that locals fought and saved the bridge. It was renovated the following year and again this past year in 2017. Today, it continues to function as a crossing for bikers and hikers. This pic was taken in 2016.


Climb Brisbane’s Story Bridge! Here’s Why It’s A Must Do- Guest Column

Bridge climbing is like rock climbing in a way. People engaging in this hobby must have nerves of steel to scale the geometrical structures that shape the city skyline. They are mostly straight or circular (or both) and not uneven. Bridge climbing can be an individual or a family affair, pending on the bridge and the possibilities available. Training is possible on the spot whereas with rock climbing, training is needed before embarking on the dangerous journey. Bridges where climbing is possible include the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Harbour Bridge in Sydney and this bridge in Brisbane. In this blog, Travel Everywhere- Earn Anywhere, this British couple embarked on this journey and lived to tell it. Here’s an excerpt which will lead to the link which you can open for details on the dos, don’ts and hows to doing this and ways to become a successful adventurer in this aspect. Perhaps you can try one with a bridge. But before you do, read the article. Enjoy! 🙂

Travel Everywhere.Earn Anywhere

Ever wanted to climb a bridge (legally)?

Here’s your opportunity to scale one of three bridge climbs in the world.

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday under the guise she will love it, but it’s really for him?

Well I bought this experience for Chris for his birthday for us to do together, as I had done it before and loved it, but I knew he would love it too!

The Story Bridge is located in beautiful Brisbane, Australia and spans the “brown snake” Brisbane River. The Story Bridge was opened in 1940 and is an iconic image of Brisbane.

Story Bridge over the Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia Story Bridge over the Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia

It’s One of Only 3 in the World!

The Story Bridge Climb is one of only three bridge climbs in the world, the others being the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Auckland…

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