MoDOT Truss Bridge to Be Removed

Photo taken by James Baughn

1920s pony truss bridge with weird name to be demolished on March 12th despite location next to bike trail.

JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI- Potential owners have a week time to claim a historic bridge that is located next to the Missouri Department of Transportation complex in Jefferson Missouri before it is gone. Touted as the MoDOT Truss Bridge, this bridge spans Wears Creek at the Greenway Trail which splits the state facility into two. The bridge dates back to the 1920s and features a hybrid Warren pony truss bridge with riveted connections, with a length of 75 feet long. The structure had been rehabilitated in 1990, yet due to safety concerns, the bridge has been fanced off, despite the fact that the structure is located just off the bike trail. It had been used as a rest area, but state officials are concerned that the bridge has been vandalized and there are too many people loitering around. According to photos provided by, the structure appears to be in great shape and could be relocated to another spot where there is no danger of people possibly trespassing onto public property. In fact as the bridge is next to a bike trail, it could be repurposed to serve as a picnic area with information about the bridge’s history and its transportational heritage.  Sadly though, no one is listening and unless you contact MoDOT between now and 12 March by using this link:

Then this bridge could pretty much be gone before Easter. Are there any suitors wishing to get a great steal there? 😉