The Othmar H. Ammann Awards

Entries still being taken for the 2017 Ammann Awards. Deadline is  December 3rd.


JENA, GERMANY- For people wondering when the 2017 Ammann Awards are taking place, I can only give you one answer:

It’s going on right now.

For those wondering if it is too late to enter their best bridge photos and bridges in general, I can only give you one answer:

It’s not too late.

Entries are still being taken for the 2017 Othmar H. Ammann Awards courtesy of the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles between now and 3rd December. If you have a candidate in the categories of Best Snapshot/Photo, Best Kept Secret (Tour Guide/Individual Bridge), Mystery Bridge, Best Bridge Preservation Practice, Bridge of the Year and Lifetime Achievement, click onto the link below. There, you will be directed to the Chronicles’ Ammann Awards page and with that, the contact details on where to submit your entries. For photo entries, please use the e-mail address provided in the page and keep in mind the limits provided when sending the pics directly.

Once the entries are collected on December 3rd, the voting will commence, which will last through the holiday season, ending on 6th January, 2018. The winners will be announced afterwards.

So for those who still think it’s too late, here’s my response:

It’s never too late. Go out there and bring us your best bridge(s)! 🙂


Happy Bridgehunting, Folks! 😀


Source: The Othmar H. Ammann Awards