The Bridges of Glauchau (Saxony), Germany


Author’s note: I had to revise this tour guide as I learned that there were four bridges that needed to be added on there, plus six other bridges that had significant information that warranted editing. Henceforth, I’m presenting you an excerpt on Glauchau’s bridges with a link at the end that will take you to the wordpress website, where you can read everything and see all the photos pertaining to the city’s bridges.  Enjoy! 🙂

There is a philosophy pertaining to visiting a town that makes tourism unique and interesting: Always look for the most uncommon and unvisited places first before visiting the main attractions. They have the most valuable information and features that will make you leave town knowing a bit more than before.

Glauchau, located in western Saxony approximately 20 kilometers west of Chemnitz and 13 kilometers north of neighboring Zwickau is a typical farming community. Yet despite having 23,000 residents, the community, which has a historic city center and two castles, is known for its serenity, as there is not much activity directly in the city, but more in the areas full of green, thanks to its parks, the Glauchau Reservoir and the green areas along the Zwickauer Mulde River. Here’s a sample of what a person can see while spending time in this quiet community:

To see more, please click here, and enjoy the photos and facts about the city’s bridges. 🙂