Mystery Bridge Nr. 69: H.E. Dudley and His Bridge Near Richland, Iowa

Author’s note: This article is being repressed as some new information came into light. The crossing at Richland, which was profiled in the Mystery Bridge article a few weeks ago, was replaced in 1944 after serving the Milwaukee line for 29 years. The question still remains why the bridge was replaced- whether flooding or a bridge collapse had caused its replacement. In either case, we’re still looking for more information on how it met its demise. If you have any further information, please contact the Chronicles.

We’re also looking for information on H.E. Dudley, who according to multiple sources, lived in Laredo, Missouri at the time of his death in 1940, under the name of Howard Edmind Dudley. It is unknown how long he had worked as a foreman for the Milwaukee Railroad, let alone how many other bridges he had built while working there prior to his involvement in World War I.

Here’s an article that discusses the man and his work, one of which still exists in Marshall County, Iowa, while the other disappeared for unknown reasons……….

No one has really known about a bridge builder that existed in Iowa for over a century ago by the name of H.E. Dudley. In fact when researching about his history, only a handful of his names emerge…

Source: Mystery Bridge Nr. 69: H.E. Dudley and His Bridge Near Richland, Iowa