2015 Ammann Award Nominations Part 2

Neutor Bridge located northeast of Ulm Central Station (Ulm Hauptbahnhof). Photos taken in May 2015
Neutor Bridge located northeast of Ulm Central Station (Ulm Hauptbahnhof). Photos taken in May 2015

Here are the rest of the ballots for this year’s awards. The Best Photo section can be found here.







MYSTERY BRIDGE (4 Votes: 2 International and 2 USA): 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61 & 62(Click on the numbers to read more about the bridges)

BRIDGE OF THE YEAR  (Voting unlimited):

Savanna-Sabula Bridge in Iowa/ Illinois

Hayden Bridge in Oregon

Calhoun Street Bridge in New Jersey

Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama

Traffic Bridge in Canada

Fehmarn Bridge in Germany

Chemnitz Viaduct in Germany

Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland

Fort Calgary Bridge in Canada

Calgary Zoo Bridge in Canada

(Click on the links to learn more about the bridges)


LIFETIME LEGACY (2 Vote limit)

Amy Squitieri- In the 20+ years at Mead and Hunt in Madison, Wisconsin, Ms. Squitieri has consulted with people on and contributed a great deal towards preserving historic bridges in the US. Her biography is here.

Nathan Holth- Since launching HistoricBridges.org in 2004, Mr. Holth has expanded his coverage to focus on historic bridges in North America, advocating the need to preserve historic bridges and presenting examples of bridges that have been preserved. His website is available here.

James Barker- Mr. Barker is founder of his engineering company in Indiana, which since its inception in 1998, has restored 18 covered bridges, six metal truss bridges and five vintage concrete bridges, with many more projects to come. The website is here.

Todd Wilson and Lauren Winkler- Pittsburgh has their set of celebrities, the two should belong to the list, thanks to their mapping and profiling of bridges in the city and elsewhere. They just recently published a book on Pittsburgh’s bridges and have a website, which you can click here to view.

Julie Bowers- Five years of restoring and relocating historic bridges with lots of success, one can view the homepage of Workin Bridges to see her profile, here.

The Foursome from Iowa DOT: Consisting of Judy McDonald, Randy Faber, Hank Zalatel and Matt Donovan, the historians have worked tirelessly to profile and make files available hundreds of historic bridges, while working on preserving hundreds of historic bridges throughout the state, providing support to historians and preservationists. The late James Hippen always commended them for their work, and with my encounter with them three occasions, including the Historic Bridge Weekend in 2013, I can see why they should be in the running for this award.



Historic Bridge Park in Kalmazoo, Michigan

High Bridge in New York City

Thomson Bridge in Carlton County, Minnesota

Easton Philippsburg Bridge over the Delaware River

Moreland Bridge near Muncy, Pennsylvania

Bridge of Flowers

McConnelsville Bridge in Morgan Co., Ohio

Sandy River Bridge near Portland, Oregon

Swing Bridge Park in Inver Grove Heights, MN

Ariel Foundation Park Bridge in Lucerne County, Ohio

(Click on the links to learn more about the bridges)


BEST KEPT SECRET (6-vote limit: 3 for US and 3 for international (INT)):

Bridges along the Delaware River

Bridges of Hunterdon County, New Jersey

The Bridges of Galatin County, Montana

The Bridges of Los Angeles

The Bridges along the South Branch of the Raritan River in New Jersey

Apache Trail Historic Auto Tour, Arizona

The Bridges of New Ulm, Minnesota

Model Bridges at the US Botanical Garden Model Train Show

The Bridges of Zeitz, Germany (INT)

The Bridges of Ulm, Germany (INT)

The Bridges of Cambridge, UK (INT)

The Bridges of Newcastle, UK (INT)

The Bridges of York (INT)

The Bridges of Australia (INT)

The Bridges of Paris (INT)

(Click on the links to learn more about the bridges)

REMEMBER: February 2nd is the final day for voting. The tallying will proceed that day with results being posted the same day! Good luck! 🙂

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