In Pursuit of the Truth


Honesty is a commodity that is lacking in society today- Why love when we can cheat? Why donate when we can steal? Why talk when we can be silent? Why be selfless when we can be selfish? Why present our fears to others when we can hide them?  Why present our success based on our own merits when we can plagarize others? Why agree with someone when we can violate their rights? Why help others when we can hurt them? Why be honest when we can lie?

It is not in our nature to take for our own pleasure, nor is it in our nature to spit on the food that is given by others, nor ignore the culture of others, nor destroy what is theirs just so we can build something that is ours for a limited time.

If honesty is based on the number of trophies we have on our walls, the amount of friends on facebook, the number of awards accrued, and the amount of fame in the media, then there is something wrong with us.

Because after all, we are all humans- in pursuit of the truth; in pursuit of the reason for our existence; in pursuit of what is planned out for us; in pursuit of our own happiness through our own charity….

But this all comes at the cost of our own greed and selfishness, which can destroy us as much as it can destroy society in general…

And with that, the truth about ourselves.

So on this day, let’s take a minute to honor not only those who have made a difference for the good of society, but also ourselves for finding the truth about ourselves and making use of it for the benefit of others. We have a lot to be proud of, more than what we have done to our neighbors. We as brave souls, were placed here on this Earth are here for a reason, and that is the only goal we should be pursuing. But we must also remember, each of us have a sense of good to help our neighbors and those in need, even if those we help try to hurt us. We are all friends, all family, all in pursuit of one commodity that we seem to forget,

….and that is the truth.

The Flensburg Files and sister column The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles would like to dedicate this in honor of those whose lives were cut short by the terror attacks of 11 September 2001. While we still don’t know exactly what caused these attacks, we do know that our lives have changed in ways we never dreamed of. We’re now living in the world of the unknown, where the truth is the only powerful weapon to defeat those who changed the world forever. We may not know in our lifetime how this happened, but the truth will come out eventually, which if so, it will set our society free of tyranny, bring closure to this tragic event, and set us free both as a person as well as in spirit. 

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