2014 Ammann Awards for Best Photo

BB Comer Bridge in Jackson County, AL. Photo taken by David Kennamer and submitted by Julie Bowers

Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, UK. Photo taken by Laura Hilton

Bunker Mill Bridge in Kalona, Iowa. Submitted by Julie Bowers and Friends of the Bunker Mill Bridge
Vischr’s Ferry Bridge in New York State. Photo taken by Marc Scotti

Millau Viaduct in France. Photo taken by Jet Lowe

Linn Cove Viaduct in North Carolina. (this and next photo). Photo taken by Calvin Snead

Jack’s Reef Bridge in New York. Photo taken by Marc Scotti

Sutliff Bridge near Solon, Iowa. Photo taken by Caleb Howard

Forth Roadway Bridge in Scotland (Next two photos) Photos taken by Mark Watson

Hamme Bridge in Belgium. Photo taken by Harry van Royen

Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN Photo taken by John Weeks III

Firth of Forth Railway Bridge in Scotland (Next two photos). Photo taken by Mark Watson

Erie Railroad Double Truss Bridge in Rochester, New York. Photo taken by Marc Scotti

Monk’s Bridge at Ballasalla, Isle of Man, UK Photo submitted by Liz Boakes

Waterford Truss Bridge near Farmington, MN Photo taken by Healy Construction and submitted by Julie Bowers

Green Bridge in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo taken by Mitch Nicholson