Now Taking Entries for the 2014 Ammann Awards


2014 has been the year where instead of destroying historic bridges, governments and the private sectors have been working on saving them. Whether they are steel truss bridges, suspension bridges with stone towers, or covered bridges made of wood, the trend has grown from tearing down history to saving it. Every year, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles hosts the Othmar H. Ammann Awards, given to person and/or groups who took the extra time and spent the extra financial resources to save and reuse the historic bridges for future generations to use.

This year’s Ammann Awards is no different. Even though we have some honorable bridges to bring to light, including the Firth of Forth Bridge in England, the Fehmarn Bridge in Germany and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in the US who are all entering their golden years- especially the third example as it was the last one built by Mr. Ammann himself, the Ammann Awards is given out to people and organizations who made a difference in preserving, photographing and presenting historic bridges for others to visit.  Between now and December 1st, the Chronicles is taking entries in the following categories:



BEST KEPT SECRET divided up into individual bridge and tour guide featuring multiple historic bridges in a city or district





Entries are categorized into US and International.

More information on the guidelines can be found under the Page Othmar H. Ammann Awards or by clicking here.  If you have a person or bridge that deserves accolades on a national and international scale, please send your nominations to Jason Smith at the Chronicles. The address:

Deadline for all entries is December 1st. Afterwards, voting will commence throughout the month of December, ending on January 6th. Winners will be announced on January 7th. While ballots will be available in paper format, we will be doing the voting process a bit differently this year, to encourage more participation. More on that when the voting commences on December 3rd.  All photo entries must have a captioning on there and will be posted here in the Chronicles as well as on the Chronicles’ flickr page.  All mystery bridges mentioned as articles in the Chronicles as well as examples of preserved historic bridges are automatically entered in the contest.  If you have any questions regarding nominations, please contact the Chronicles to ensure that everything is clarified. The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles wishes everyone best of luck and we’re looking forward to your nominations. For more on the winners of the 2013 Ammann Awards, please click here, but note that there are two articles relating to the winners of the Awards.

Oakland Mills Bridge over the Skunk River at Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Built in 1876. Photo taken in August 2011

German:  Haben Sie eine Brücke, die eine Anerkennung für die beste Restaurierung braucht? Oder kennen Sie jemand, der/die für mehrere Jahre Brücken restaurierte? Oder vielleicht haben Sie das beste Foto einer Brücke? Seit 2011 hat der Column The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles den “Othmar H. Ammann” Preis  für sechs Kategorien veranstaltet, unter anderem für das beste Foto, die beste restaurierte historische Brücke, die beste Stadt/Region mit mehreren historischen Brücken sowie die Brücke des Jahres. Falls Sie eine Brücke, die eine Anerkennung auf internationaler Ebene brauchen, bitte informieren Sie Jason Smith beim Bridgehunter’s Chronicles unter die Adresse:  Termin für alle Nominierungen ist der 1. Dezember und Sie werden ab 3. Dezember die Gelegenheit haben, ihre Lieblingskandidat online oder per Mail zu wählen. Die Gewinner werden am 7. Januar 2015 im Chronicles bekanntgegeben. Mehr Infos über den Preis klicken Sie hier. Da finden Sie die Gewinner des Preises vom 2013. 

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