A Bridge too Farm: Question for the Forum

Big Stone Marsh Arch Bridge spanning the Minnesota River west of Ortonville, Minnesota. Used to carry US Hwy. 12 but is now serving pedestrians. Photo taken in December 2010

Here’s a question for the forum, especially those who have children: Do you know of any children’s films or cartoon shows that depict the use of bridges? If so, how were they depicted and why? Did you think they were depicted appropriately or should they had been presented in a better way? What was the name of the film or show?

I had a chance to watch a classic cartoon show (modernized for today’s TV audience) that I grew up with when I was a child, but now my five-year old daughter is enjoying. Curious George was created by H.A. and Margaret Rey in 1940 but the first installment was published in 1941 after the couple fled to the US. Other installments followed over the next two decades. A TV series bearing the monkey’s name started broadcasting in 2006 and has been producing TV shows ever since, not only in the US but in Europe and parts of Asia.

For those who are not familiar with the plot, the main protagonist is a small monkey named George, who is curious, sometimes causing trouble, but very creative, especially when it comes to solving problems. He has many friends, including his big sidekick, The Man With The Yellow Hat, who works in a museum in a big city.

The episode I’m mentioning is entitled “A Bridge to Farm,” (click here to watch in full length)  where George and the Yellow Man drive to a farm place to grill. George was supposed to provide food and playing cards for the people, but ends up helping a hen, whose baby chicks are stuck on an island in the middle of a pond.  It was then when George uses the items bought at the store to create a bridge to allow the baby chicks to cross the pond back to shore. But he had to experiment until he found the right bridge to build.

Can you guess what bridge type George built?

What other bridges did George experiment with before finding the right design?

What other bridge types are depicted in the episode (but George did not use)?

Do you think the bridge type George end up building would have been the right one in your opinion?

And lastly, do you think that this bridge type should be built in reality? Why or why not?

Put your thoughts here in the Comment section or that of facebook or LinkedIn and start a forum about this topic. Also useful is determining how children should be educated about the important of historic bridges and the history of your home country. As we will discuss more about it later, you are also free to discuss this theme.