City Bridge Photo Contest

Seujet Bridge in Geneva, Switzerland, spanning the Rhone River and lock. Photo taken in 2006

Each community has several crossings, but at least one that stands out. The bridge could be modern like the picture above, yet it could be like the one below.

Pont de Vessy (Vessy Bridge) spanning the Arve River in the southeastern part of Geneva. This is one of the finest works of Robert Mallaird built in 1936. Photo taken in 2006

In either case, if there is a special bridge in your community that deserves special attention and you had an opportunity to take the best picture of it, then this contest is for you. Momentum Magazine, which is owned by the German publisher Ernst and Sohn, is having a City Bridge Photo contest, where you can enter a bridge that is fancy but also an integral part of a community, suburb or a certain area of the city.  You can click on the link for more information (the link is in German). The deadline is 10 January, 2014 and the winner will have his/her photo published in a book to be printed in the near future, a book by David Billington entitled “The Tower and the Bridge” and a engineering calendar entitled “Engineering Artwork in Concrete.” Rules and other info you can find here.

If you have a favorite city bridge that deserves its long-awaited attention, then get the cameras out there and submit your photo to this contest.

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