The Bridges of Lübeck Pop Quiz: Movable or Not? The Klughafen Bridge

Photo taken in October 2013

In anticipation of the series on the bridges of Lübeck, Germany, we do have a pop quiz involving one of the city’s bridges, the Klughafen Bridge. This bridge spans the Trave Canal on the southeast side of Lübeck’s City Center. The design of the bridge is rather unique for it features two bowstring arch-like trusses that are reciprocal of what a typical bowstring arch looks like (see example here). Furthermore, the longer arm of the bowstring arch seems to be supporting the center span of the bridge, making it look like the span could be lifted to allow for ships to pass underneath it.

Question is however whether this bridge, open to pedestrians only, is a movable bridge in a form of a vertical left? Furthermore, given the scarce use of truss bridges nowadays, when do you think was this bridge built?  Put your guesses in the Comment section. You’ll be amazed at the answer to the question involving the Klughafen Bridge when it is presented as part of the tour of Lübeck’s bridges.

Don’t forget to complete the sneak preview quiz involving the city’s bridges in general. You can click on the link here to guess at the questions that were posted awhile back.