Iowa Transportation Heritage Quiz I: The Answers

I’m also certain that all of you are eager to know the answers to the questions as well. You don’t have to wait any longer, as the answers to the questions can be found here in this posting for transportation heritage and in the next posting for the state’s historic bridges. Have a look at what you have and compare it to what the answers actually are. After looking at them, you can bet that you will learn something new and be a bit smarter than you were before. Please feel free to share your facts with others who may beg to differ or would like to know more about Iowa and its rich history. 🙂

How many Interstate Highways pass through Iowa after 1985?
8 -> I-29, I-35, I-74, I-80, I-280, I-380, I-680, I-235


When was the No Passing Zone sign, now a common site on America’s highways, first introduced in Iowa?
1958 -> The NPZ signs were placed along US Hwy. 30 between Clinton and the Missouri River in Harrison County.


Which of the two highways that meet in Iowa were named after US Presidents?
Washington and Jefferson
Lincoln and Roosevelt
Lincoln and Jefferson -> The Lincoln Highway, which connected New York City and San Francisco, and the Jefferson Highway which connected Minneapolis and New Orleans meet in Iowa in the small town of Colo in Story County.
Lincoln and Reagan


Which of the highways in Iowa was the oldest?
Lincoln Highway -> 1913
Jefferson Highway     (1915)
Avenue of the Saints   (1998)
Blue Grass Road    (1924)


Which city had the oldest concrete street in the state (and second oldest in the US)
Mt. Pleasant
LeMars -> Eagle Street (later named 1st Ave. SW) was paved in 1904


The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were the first to invent the power driven airplane plane and made their first flight in Kitty Hawk in 1903. Their parents originated from which Iowa community?
Cedar Rapids -> Milton and Susan Wright resided in Cedar Rapids between 1878 and 1881
Spirit Lake
Mt. Vernon


The Rules of the Road program, first introduced in 1904, was amended to include the minimum driving age. When could a person start driving at that time?
15 -> correct answer


The first 24-hour Truck Permit center in the country was established by the Iowa DOT in which year?
1976 -> correct answer


At the same time as the answer to nr. 8, Iowa DOT became the first in the country to develop what concept?
Developing logo signing
Producing fast-track paving
Recycle concrete -> The first pavement was produced using recycled Portland concrete.
Curb removal


Iowa’s interurban railroads, featuring electrified trolleys existed between 1920 and 1970. How many lines existed during that era?
8  -> Tama-Toledo;  Cedar Rapids- Iowa City; Des Moines and Central; Des Moines and Southern, Ft. Dodge, Waterloo, Charles City Western, Mason City-Clear Lake and Southern Iowa


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