Best Bridge Preservation Example 1

Photo taken in 2010

The Bridgehunter’s Preservation Pop Quiz #1:

While this segment is the second of many articles to come on the best preservation examples, I’ve decided to offer the readers a small homework assignment due next Monday in a form of a Pop Quiz (again, the first of many to come).

This quiz question deals with this bridge. Located in southeastern Iowa, this bridge a classic example of a structure built by the King Bridge Company of Cleveland. Yet this 1879 bridge features three bowstring arch spans made of iron- two pony and one through. Originally built over the Wapsipinicon River near the town of Oxford Junction in eastern Jones County, it was relocated to the county seat of Anamosa to be erected- over the Wapsi again! The photo seen above is the bridge at its present location, just outside Wapsi State Park. However, it was moved in a very unique way (and it was documented and filmed by many groups).

Name that bridge and how was bowstring arch structure relocated?

While many of us pontists and locals  know the answer, this is open to those who are neither pontists nor residents of Jones County. Please leave your comments at the end of the article.

The answer will come next Monday with information about the move. Good luck!