2012 Othmar H. Ammann Awards: Now taking entries

Tunnel view of the Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) Photo taken in August 2011

With all the excitement we have seen with historic bridges this year, including those that  were saved thanks to efforts from the community, those photographed by amateurs and profis because of a vantage point they could not resist, but on the flip side, those that were destroyed by natural force or man-made carelessness, we have come to the month of November, which is National Historic Bridge Month. And with that, for the second year in a row, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is hosting the 2012 Othman H. Ammann Awards. Between now and the 30th of November, the author will be collecting nominations of bridges and the people who have worked hard at saving them, based on the following categories:

The Lifetime Legacy Award- to a person or group of people who devoted their lives towards saving historic bridges and bringing them to the attention of the public

The Best Snapshot Award- to the person who has provided bridgehunters and preservationists with an awesome pic of a historic bridge in the United States, Europe and elsewhere


The Best Kept Secret Award- to a bridge or a cluster of bridges in a region in the US and elsewhere, where little attention has been paid to by the media, but in the eyes of the bridge lover, deserves to be recognized on the international scale.

We we will also add two new categories for the Ammann Awards, which are the following:

The Bridge of the Year Award: This is perhaps the grandest of all awards, as nominations are being accepted for this prize. To qualify, the bridge must represent a pristine example of a historic bridge that was preserved and marketed to the public. This also includes a bridge that was damaged by unknown factors but was salvaged and rebuilt to accomodate people. As a general rule for this nomination, uniqueness in saving and preserving the bridge is key.

The Mystery Bridge Award: The Mystery Bridge Award will be given out to a bridge that was discovered but has little to no information on it (except that it deserves attention from the readers). The Award is not only for bridges profiled on the Chronicles page but also those that have not been profiled yet, but deserve the recognition. Note: For the bridge that has not been profiled but nominated for this award, it will be profiled on the Chronicles page prior to the announcement of the winner.

If you have some historic bridges and/or people that deserve the 2012 Ammann Awards for any of the categories, please send your entries via e-mail to Jason D. Smith at the Chronicles at flensburg.bridgehunter.av@googlemail.com or JDSmith77@gmx.net by no later than 30 November, 2012 at 12:00 am Central Standard Time. For international entries, you have until 1 December, 2012 at 12:00pm Central European (Berlin) Time to submit your entries. Please make sure that the photos you send for any of the awards, including the Best Snapshot Award are in JPEG format to make posting them easier.

The author will also take entries for the Best Bridge Pics, for the categories of Best Example of Historic Bridge Reuse, Worst Example of Historic Bridge Reuse, Best Find of a Historic Bridge, Biggest Bonehead Story and the Worst Example to Destroy a Historic Bridge. If you know of any bridge in the US or Europe that deserves this type of recognition, please submit your entries (including photos if you have them) to Jason D. Smith at the Chronicles by no later than 1 December at 12:00pm Central European Time.

Once the entries are collected, a voting process will take place at the beginning of December with the winners being announced on 23 December, 2012. To view the winners of the 2011 Ammann Award please click on the link below. More information on the Ammann Awards are available on the page bar of the Chronicles.  Bridges that won last year’s awards are not eligible to enter again.

2011 Ammann Award Winners

The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is an online column that focuses on the success of historic bridge preservation to encourage people to visit them and learn about these unique structures and its connection with history. Wishing you the best of luck in finding the best bridge that deserves the recognition it needs.